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The 11 Best Digital Marketing Cheat Sheets

Keep these handy

I love “cheat sheets”. These are memorable lists or infographics which give you some quick and useful information around a particular topic. In earlier days, a great cheat sheet was defined by printing it out and posting it around your desk. Today, these are shared as links and reliably bookmarked. Necessary information that is easily referred to, in other words.

I’ve come across a few interesting cheat sheet articles which were focused on some dimension of marketing. While good, I thought it would make sense to share some of my favorite cheat sheets specifically geared for Digital Marketing. So, below are eleven cheat sheets worth checking out. Why 11? Well, I’ve always considered 11 as a magic number. Here goes.

Social media specifications are constantly changing. Whether it’s a Facebook page cover photo or a LinkedIn company logo size, your graphic designer or creative team will be harassing you for the right dimensions. So, bookmark this one as thankfully, this is frequently updated.

Just like social media photo sizes, the size dimensions for display ads are always changing. Many of these ad sizes have been around for years while some are exclusively unique to the platform itself. Regardless, keep this handy, not only for the dimensions but also for the allowed formats (ie gif, png, etc)

Everyone in digital marketing knows the Google Ads ecosystem (formerly Adwords) is unique in itself. Trust me, you really need a specialist or self-certification to properly execute a Google Ads campaign, which typically focused on paid search. Given the maturity of the Google Ads, it’s not a difficult platform to master, but there are key rules or commandments that will guide your set-up and optimization of a Google Ads campaign. Without it, you will end up wasting a ton of money.

Facebook, too, has a specific ad management platform which offers advertisers more display (visual) ad choices. Here, you can scroll through a comprehensive list of Facebook ad types. What I love most about this cheat sheet is the example ads which show you visually what each type of ad will look like.

Let’s turn our attention from advertising to content marketing.

I love to write, especially for blogging, but I also know that I’m not a copywriter. And there’s a big difference as a good ‘marketing’ copywriter will always develop their written content to provoke a response (CTA). I appreciate that there are clear rules around what to do and what not to do, so this cheat sheet gives you 101 dos and don’ts. It is truly awesome.

Similar to copywriting rules, there is best-practice structure for a perfect blog post which starts with a compelling headline and ends with a strong call to action (CTA). Here’s a neat infographic that lays out all of the desired elements.

Hand in hand with a good blog post and copywriting is the world of SEO. You may not be an SEO expert, but a good understanding of barriers to ranking higher against your critical keywords should be important knowledge for any digital marketer. And here’s a great checklist to send to your content and web dev teams.

Your digital properties need to be optimized for search engines, but even more fundamental, they need to be optimized for users too. From ensuring fast load times to making sure your homepage is consumable in under 5 seconds, this usability checklist will be your friend when evaluating a new site or redesign.

One of the more stressful times for a digital marketer is launching (or relaunching) a website. Hopefully, you’ll be blessed with a top-notch project management and tech team to guide you through the process. One of the most comprehensive checklists I’ve seen is here, which covers both pre- and post-launch activities for your website.

Influencer marketing can be tricky. From identifying the right influencers, conducting custom outreach to maintaining proper FTC regulations, this is a complicated space. When not done right, you could have a lackluster campaign or one that backfires completely.

Finally, measurement usually rounds out a good list and this is no different. This cheat sheet contains a list of metrics across several categories, organized for Google Analytics. If you’re trying to develop reports on performance of a campaign or digital property, this sheet will give you the possibilities to track.

That’s it – for now. Do you have cheat sheets that you recommend? Feel free to leave links in the comments section below.

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